Pro-Trump Network OAN and Smartmatic Settle 2020 Election Defamation Suit

Voting technology company Smartmatic and the far-right network One America News said Tuesday they have settled a defamation lawsuit stemming from falsehoods they published about the 2020 election. “The case was resolved under a confidentiality agreement,” OAN attorney Chip Babcock told CNN. Both sides refused to share details of the agreement. The case against OAN … Read more

Mike Johnson said he would not resign amid right-wing backlash against foreign aid to Ukraine

House Speaker Mike Johnson, facing mounting threats to his presidency, said Tuesday he would not resign and dismissed threats against his gavel as “ridiculous” after a second Republican congressman threatened to impeach Johnson for his position through legislation on sending foreign aid. To Ukraine and Israel. After Representative Thomas Massie said he would sponsor efforts … Read more

Hunter Biden interview marks pivotal moment for Republican-led impeachment inquiry

Hunter Biden once accused his father of trying to kill him to damage his political career, in a long-awaited showdown that could be a pivotal moment for the faltering Republican-led impeachment inquiry. Confronting Republican lawmakers. Members of the House Judiciary Committee and Oversight Committee are scheduled to meet with President Joe Biden’s son Wednesday during … Read more

Wildfire becomes second-largest in Texas history, temporarily shutting down nuclear weapons facility

A fast-moving wildfire raging across the Texas Panhandle on Wednesday became the second-largest wildfire in the state’s history, forcing evacuations and causing power outages as firefighters struggled to contain the growing blaze. did. The blaze is part of a series of blazes that have gotten out of control and threatened local towns, prompting local authorities … Read more