Hunter Biden interview marks pivotal moment for Republican-led impeachment inquiry

Hunter Biden once accused his father of trying to kill him to damage his political career, in a long-awaited showdown that could be a pivotal moment for the faltering Republican-led impeachment inquiry. Confronting Republican lawmakers.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee and Oversight Committee are scheduled to meet with President Joe Biden’s son Wednesday during a closed session at the Capitol.

Hunter Biden arrived for a statement shortly before 10 a.m. Attorney Abby Lowell stands by his side. He did not speak to journalists or make any statements.

Republicans are worried that the credibility of the investigation could be justified by the recent indictment of a former FBI official accused of bribery involving the Bidens, once a core tenet of the party. I hope to find out some new facts. The story of impeachment.

Hunter Biden arrives for closed-door testimony before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees…See more
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Hunter Biden, who abruptly abandoned his testimony at a public hearing in January, is likely to continue denying that his father was involved in any foreign business dealings. The president strongly denies having any role in his son’s professional life.

Republican lawmakers are also expected to ask questions about the ethical implications of his artistic career and his relationship with his friend, lawyer, and patron Kevin Morris.

Photo: House Oversight Committee member James Comer speaks to reporters before Hunter Biden arrives for closed-door testimony before the Oversight and Judiciary Committee on February 28, 2024, at the Capitol in Washington, DC. Chairman.
Before House Oversight Committee Representative and Chairman James Comer interviewed reporters…read more

Kevin Morris, a key ally of Hunter Biden, accuses Republicans of distorting his testimony
A person familiar with his planned testimony said that while Hunter Biden would acknowledge the mistakes he made during his years of drug and alcohol addiction, he strongly rejected the committee’s claims and said that some of his testimony He said he would try to highlight the credibility flaws in the. important witnesses.

But otherwise, Hunter Biden’s preparations could limit what he can say to the committee on issues related to the two federal criminal charges he faces. A person familiar with the matter told ABC News.

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to tax charges in California and firearms charges in Delaware.

Wednesday’s hearing was the culmination of months of public and private controversy surrounding the nature and scope of Hunter Biden’s cooperation with a congressional subpoena first aired in November 2023 by Oversight Chairman James Comer and Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan. It takes place after a controversy.

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